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  1. Submit Form I-589 within one year of arrival in the U.S. (or later if there were extraordinary circumstances that prevented your from filing on time). Receive a receipt from USCIS. If your application was rejected, make the necessary corrections and reapply.

  2. Attend the biometrics appointment at the precise date, time and location noted  and follow all instructions outlined in the notification carefully. You will be asked to record your fingerprints and provide other biological data.

  3. Attend interview at the precise date, time and location noted on the letter with your whole family. Bring original evidence and identification documents. Answer the officer’s questions accurately, completely and truthfully. 

  4. If GRANTED - Congratulations! You are an ASYLEE protected by the U.S.

  5. If REFERRED, you have another chance to prove your eligibility for asylum in Immigration Court. Pay attention to the reasons your asylum application was not granted by USCIS as stated in the referral letter.

  6. Appear in Immigration Court on the date and time specified in the Notice to Appear.  The first appearance is brief and usually includes pleadings, submitting documents and  setting a date for another master or individual hearing, based on your circumstances.

  7. Use this manual to prepare your asylum case for court. This hearing will decide your future in the U.S. Work diligently with your lawyer: follow instructions, discuss concerns, disclose new and relevant info and know what is expected of you. You chose your lawyer. 

  8. This is the conclusion of the asylum process, with some limited exceptions (in case of appeals, motion to reopen, motion to reconsider). In most cases, you will have the judge’s decision by the end of the trial the same day. Plan ahead and be prepared for any decision. 


  • Experienced in a broad range of asylum cases from countries around the world, we can walk you through the entire process from the very beginning through completion, building your strongest case possible. If you are seeking asylum in the United States because you fear returning to your country, contact our offices for more information on our process.

  • If you already have an established case and are looking for a more specialized approach, we will review your entire immigration history by filing a FOIA request for your government file, and then advise you accordingly on  your options to proceed. Please contact our offices for more information. 

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